Wednesday, July 19, 2006

what will grow crooked you can't make straight

The madness begins.


I figured with the warm 70's sort of macrame type colors, I should do a preppy even stripe. I generally like random stripes, thick and thin and all over the place, but I thought that with this color combination it should be even. I like them. They fit right along with my fake jcrew style (that deserves some explanation, but not tonight).

I must say that I love the way the wool is knitting up. It's soft and springy. I used this wool before for my mom's socks, but they were lace, so it was hard to tell how the wool was. I only used one skein for those socks, so this is the second skein, mixed with chocolate. Because anything mixed with chocolate must be good.

ps. jos! You should make these socks, they're easy peasy, I swear! And much more fun than plain stockinette or ribby socks.