Tuesday, July 18, 2006

supreme laziness

Tonight I made some swatches for the jaywalkers. They are probably the tiniest swatches ever made.

Because I am lazy.

Picture 76893

Picture 7689

Top, size 1, bottom, size 0. I'm going to go with size 1, even though the 0's make a nice fabric, the 1's are close to the right gauge.

I got new sheets! You can kind of see them in the background in the pictures. Here is a not very good picture (it's 11pm, there's no light in here). They got really wrinkly from washing.

Picture 76897

They're from Crate & Barrel, made by marimekko. They are pretty and make me happy. I think I'll sleep well tonight. Maybe during the day I can get a better brighter picture, and one with my new purple silk pillows, too. :)

I've been watching some tasty treats from youtube.com. There are TONS of radiohead videos on there. I used to look around and find this kind of stuff more, but the last few years I have just been pretty lost when it comes to music. It's sad, but it's okay.

Picture 76894

I also watched the Live at the Astoria video tonight. That is a really old video. They're pretty funny on it, with Thom's blonde hair and their crazy clothes and stuff. It's cool. My brother Mikey gave me that DVD for my birthday. :) Watching it reminded me of being a kid; I miss those days.