Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I watched Man on Fire tonight - my boss' recommendation. I really liked it, it was one of those cool Denzel Washington action movies. I always see movies like that years after they are made. There's not much out now that I am interested in watching - I miss the old days when there was always a movie on that I wanted to see.

I spent some time with #2 tonight. Got to the top of the heel - 6 red stripes. Here's a nice dark night time picture:


sadnessPicture 76914

I haven't received the new Lantern Moon needles I ordered a week and a half ago. So, I used some sandpaper to make my broken needle usable. I kind of like the stumpy end. I've been knitting with the stumpy short needle and the snapped in half needle that I glued back together. I have a box full of knitting needles and I'm using a super ghetto set to make these socks. They're the only size 1 double points I have. :-( I hope I get the replacement needles soon, so I can make my next pair of socks with 5 good needles.