Tuesday, July 11, 2006

socks and boys

Tonight I got to the heel. Well a little past the heel. It should be done before the weekend. Yay!

Pomatomus heel

The weird magic loop makes this part harder in my opinion. I still prefer the old fashioned way. I guess magic loop would make it a little easier to travel with though, there's no losing needles, and it's a lot easier to keep the stitches from slipping off the ends. It would be very helpful on a plane, definitely.

I watched Proof of Life tonight. I noticed that Russell Crowe looks a little like Benjamin McKenzie from the OC. I find them both quite handsome. :) I also watched Syriana this weekend and got my Matt Damon fix. I thought that both of those movies were pretty good, but I would have liked something a little more cheerful maybe.

My favorite actor is still Luke Wilson though. He is beautiful. :-D