Monday, July 10, 2006

pomatomus 2

I started the second pomatomus yesterday. Finally. I finished the first one ages ago.

This is the first repeat done. It looks just like the first sock.

Pomatomus 2

See the tubular cast on? It's pretty. I broke another lantern moon needle when I was doing the cast on. I was so sad because it was the second one I broke. So I had to switch to the magic loop method. I don't really like magic loop very much, especially for this pattern, since the pattern fits nicely on 3 dpns. It also seems like the sock is knitting up a bit looser, even though the dpns and this new circular are 2.25 mm. I think it will be alright though.


magic loop

I want to make a pair of jaywalkers next. I have chocolate and cranberry colored lornas sock yarn for it. I was going to make plain stripey socks with them, but I like the jaywalkers and I'd like to make at least one pair. I know that it's sort of a "trendy" sock to make, and that over 300 people have made them, but in reality, no one I know has a pair, so I don't care. Same with pomatomus. :-)