Monday, June 05, 2006

ribby lace

I started the Ribbed Lace Pullover tonight. The pattern sizes are all really big, so I'm making the smallest size. I have to figure out some waist shaping, because the pattern is just straight on the sides, and that never looks good.

Picture 696

I also made a swatch! I never make a real swatch, I always just knit 10 stitches and half an inch worth of rows and then measure. This time I made a real swatch of the cable part of the pattern, and then actually washed it! I'm proud of myself.

Picture 689
Swatch before washing.

Picture 693

The swatch after washing. It definitely flattened out a bit. I also didn't cross the cables right on the left side. I'm glad I did that, it will make me pay more attention to the actual sweater.

I like this yarn, it's really soft. I think it will be a lovely sweater.

José said...

Your swatch looks great even if you forgot to cross the cable on the right side.
I'm such a wimp, i don't dare do a cable pattern, i just can't get my head or my hands round the idea! hehe

Kendra said...

That pattern looks fun to knit. I love the colour you've chosen.