Sunday, June 04, 2006

amazing lace challenge #1

This is my team for the Amazing Lace. There are three projects so far, and they are all brand new. I like to see lots of pictures on blogs, so there are lots of pictures here!

Picture 623

The first one is the official project - Lead or Follow Scarf by Heartstrings Fiber Arts. This is a present for my mom. Ever since she saw my Print o' the Waves stole, she's wanted something lacey from me.

I am using Zephyr 50% wool 50% silk in the color admiral. It's a very rich blue, deeper than the picture shows. And Addi Naturas because that's what Eunny uses for her lace (and they're way better than turbos!). I hope one day some Latern Moon circulars will be part of the team, because those are my favourite.

I bought the Zephyr a few weeks ago, the needles a few weeks ago and started a few weeks ago. This scarf is just a baby.

Picture 624

Project number 2 is the Pomatomus socks from Knitty that so many people are making. I think they can qualify as lace because there are a few holes, and I think that in the description on Knitty they call them lace socks. Those are Latern Moons and they're lovely.

Most of the first sock was made in the sunshine by the pool at my boss' house, so they have some nice fresh salt air in between some of those stitches.

Picture 620

Number 3 is the Ribbed Lace Pullover from A Gathering of Lace. I have been trying to find some good yarn for this pattern, and finally found it thanks to brooklyn tweed. He is using the baby silk from elann, which I considered using, until I saw the baby cashmere. It is the same yardage/weight as the yarn for the pattern, so I'm pretty sure it will work out okay. The color isn't as bright as I thought it would be, but it will do. See?

Picture 622

And this is the captain of the team, nat. I have been knitting since I was 9 when my Grandma Dot and my Great Aunt Katherine taught me how. They used to knit and crochet blankets for us and the first thing they taught me to knit were some washcloths out of sugar 'n cream cotton. I made quite a few of those before I started making hats from Bartlett wool for my friends. I have probably knit 20-30 hats, and a few pairs of socks, but not much of anything else. Lace is so fun to make, so I am looking forward to the next few months of the race!

Picture 627

I tried to get a picture in front of the water view, but was unsuccessful. So, here is a nice one of the sunset outside of the old people's condo that I live in. It's nice here.

Picture 618