Tuesday, June 27, 2006

blue skies in the FLA

This is for Eunny:

Blue Sky

I read her post about the rainstorms; she said she misses the blue sky, so here is some from about five minutes ago.

I miss the Virginia thunderstorms. I wish I was up there getting wet right now. The forecast here is for isolated thunderstorms. That means about 5 minutes of lots of rain about 3 times in a day, maybe. I think we got two times today.

I'll be up in VA for the 4th of July weekend, and my brother's 21st birthday! He and his friend Brian turn 21 tomorrow - it's really scary.

Somehow this blog has become not about knitting. That's probably because I have been slacking off lately.

Zooks said...

Hi Nat, I'm not Eunny, but I do live in rainy Virginia and terribly miss the blue skies. I enjoyed the picture of your gorgeous Florida sky!

Dina said...

I miss the VA thunderstorms (and the coast) too. Enjoy the 4th and happy belated birthday :)