Friday, August 11, 2006

made in vietnam

A few weeks ago, after the sadness, I was at the yarn shop trying to buy a set of rosewood size 1 Lantern Moon needles. I noticed that the rosewood ones that I have don't seem as fragile as the ebony ones. Especially since the two that broke were made of ebony. Since these needles cost about $20, I was very disappointed that they broke. I asked the lady at the yarn store if she knew if they replace needles, and she was so nice and helpful and called Latern Moon to ask. We found out that they do replace needles, which I was excited about.

While driving home (you are still allowed to drive and talk in Tampa, though not in DC), I called the number she gave me and talked to a really nice lady at Latern Moon. I told her that I had two broken needles and that it was my fault that one broke, but the second one was not my fault. I asked if I could pay for one of the needles - she said no, I'll just send you two new ones. I was amazed! I asked her if I could please pay for one of them, and she said no. Oh well.

About two weeks later I received a nice tube in the mail, my replacement Latern Moons! I got home and pulled them out to use them, and then saw they were size 2's, not 1's. :-(

I emailed to the email address on the invoice and asked if I should send them back and they said no - bonus, you can keep those size 2's and we'll send you new size 1's.

A few weeks later, another tube arrived - my size 1's!

Lantern Moons

What a happy day! I love these needles and I am very impressed with the company and quality of service.

On another note, I got a catalog in the mail and thought some of the clothes were quite pretty. I have never heard of it before - Peruvian Connection. There are definitely a lot of things I would never wear, but there are a few nice pieces, and a lot of alpaca!