Thursday, August 24, 2006


Lately I've noticed that my inspiration comes from strange places. There was a dress in the window of Jessica McClintock in the mall this past weekend in a silky deep green and I thought that might be the color for my Frost Flowers and Leaves.

Then I went to Banana Republic and found the most gorgeous raspberry color sweater (of course I bought it), but thought that might be the right color.

I also found some gorgeous blues at JCrew and now I think my color choices are too bright and too deep for this shawl. If I could get the silk in deep green it would be perfect, but that won't happen.

So I will have to just keep my eye out for more inspiration. That teal wool looks a lot like the color I'm using for my rib & cable pullover (it is one of my favorite colors, but more like the shade of the dress). With all the time I'm going to spend making this thing, I want to have a color I will actually like in the end.

Later in the day - I've found this great shade of Zephyr called "Chanel". It's that last one of the pictures, the fuschia-ish color. Maybe that will be it, though it is approaching being a bit too tacky. I've also discovered Helen's Lace, but that may be out of my price range. Then there is this stuff, Grignasco MerinoSilk that looks nice. This is probably the most work I've ever done finding the right yarn for something - and I've hardly spent any time so far. I guess there's no rush. The hard part of all of this is possibly spending $100 on wool I can't see or feel before I buy it. I don't like that idea very much. I will just have to find out what other people like to use for lace.