Friday, August 25, 2006

i love september

Trees change color, leaves fall, lovely deep blue skies, Thanksgiving, cold air, sweaters, that smell... my favorite smell of fall.

And the new season comes out!

Picture 77229Picture 77227

There were only three good magazines at the store last night, so that's all I got. I flipped through for about two seconds and found that bright blue coat. I want that coat. There is also an article in In Style about cabled knitted bags. I thought that was kind of cool. I have been planning on making a cabled purse for awhile now. Maybe this fall, since apparently it is in style.

cabled purse

This is one I found months ago, but I don't remember what the pattern was or what site I found it on. I saved the picture just for an idea - it looks pretty easy to figure out how they did that. It is really cute, so I might do something similar.

This is kind of sad. Poor Pluto, I always liked that planet. I guess there's some arguing over it though. I don't really know enough about the solar system to completely understand it. I guess I never paid enough attention.

I am having serious doubts about the knee-highs. I don't really like the short-row heel and I think they are a little too plain for me. Even if they had some arch shaping or something, it would be much better. I'm giving the sock a little time to grow on me before I rip it. I do like the colors a lot, so I'll have to figure something out.