Monday, August 21, 2006

hazey jane

A new sock. Destined to be knee-high (if the 215 yards will make it so).


That is my first (second really, i ripped the first one) short-row heel. I haven't decided on it yet. I do like making heel flaps, picking up stitches and decreasing, and doing that in reverse for toe-up. The short-row heels are sort of low key, which is nice. It adds to the plainness of the stockinette.

This yarn has interesting pooling. I'm not sure it would be called pooling, but it's sort of got tiger stripes. They're kind of pretty I guess. I thought about doing a leaf lace pattern of some sort, but sometimes the lace gets lost in all that color, so I thought stockinette would do. It's doing alright for now, but I'll probably have to elastify the ribbing in the tops when they are done.

Maybe these socks will be a good excuse to buy a new skirt for fall. :) And maybe some new shoes, too!