Monday, October 06, 2008

unfinished business

1. Lead or Follow Scarf - This one is getting ripped. I just don't love it enough for
all that work.

2. Melon Shawl - Definitely going to finish. I do love it, and it's not very much work at all. I've got 45 repeats out of 70 done and it's for my mom, so I've got to get it done before it gets too cold up there.

3. Rib & Cable Pullover - I still think I will finish this one day. I like it enough for
all that work. It is quite a bit of work, but once I get going it's not too bad. Maybe I will finish it before I turn 30.

4. This brown sweater - Not much of anything yet and I think it should be ripped.

5. Dale Baby Cardigan #2 - Well, this was supposed to be for my godson and was going to be sized for a 1 year old. I started it when he was about three months old and he just turned 2, so it's definitely not going to be for him. I only have about one or two inches more done since that picture, so I might give up on it and use the wool for something else.

6. Jaywalkers, part 2 - I love love love this yarn, so I will finish these. I haven't touched them since that post, but I'll keep them for when I feel like doing some socks again.

7. Ruffles Scarf - I started this at least three years ago, probably more. It was supposed to be a Christmas present, but I never finished it. I will finish it one day and give it to someone, and probably not the person who it was originally intended for.


I think that's about all I have in progress at this point. Hopefully I'll be able to look at this post next year and some of these things will be finished.

Rebecca said...

love this coiled scarf. is the pattern yours?