Monday, January 29, 2007

slowly starting out

I finally started the Bearfoot sweater I've been thinking about since December. It's an odd choice of yarn for a sweater - wool, mohair and nylon sock yarn, but it's working. I couldn't bear to make a pair of socks that no one would see with this stuff. The colors are too beautiful to be hidden inside shoes. I'm sure that I could have similar colors in a different yarn of theirs, but nevermind. I am a little bit afraid of the mohair, after my brief encounter with KSH and the itchy nose situation, but so far it's going fine.

Brown Moss

There was a sweater at JCrew with a beautiful big shawl collar (it was really a hood) that I loved, but it was made for those massively tall JCrew people, and was way too big for me. I forgot to save a picture of it from the website, and it is gone now. Anyway, I want to make a nice big shawl collar on this sweater. I don't think it will be hard at all (ha! We'll see about that one), at least it doesn't look like it will be hard.

It will have moss stitch edges and the collar will be in moss stitch, and the rest in plain stockinette. Hopefully it will look like it does in my head.

It's a nice break from the
itsy bitsy cables. I do have to get going on the melon shawl for my mom, though. I was going to have it done by her birthday (today), but I gave up on that idea and haven't touched it since. She could have used it last week when it snowed.

Here's the sunset from earlier this evening. (I actually got my lazy self to the beach to take pictures instead of from my balcony :)

Clearwater Beach

Mintyfresh said...

i haven't been reading long enough to know--where do you live!!? Beautiful shot. Can't wait to see more of the sweater.

gleek said...

yes, where do you live?! must be somewhere in the west if it's the U.S. :)

that's gonna be one small gauge sweater! it'll look lovely i'm sure.

Alice said...

Wow, that looks to be knitting up into a very fetching fabric indeed. All those neat little stitches. I just love moss-stitch. Is this on small needles? I'd like to make a jumper with small needles.

As usual you make me wistful with your beautiful photos....