Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Pier 60

Since I haven't been knitting very much, here' s another picture from the beach. To answer the comments from yesterday's post, I live near Clearwater Beach in Florida. Gleek was sort of right - it's on the West Coast of Florida. I live about a mile away from the beach, but I hardly ever go there. I was spoiled by the beach in Cornwall a few years ago, so now nothing compares. The water here is actually the Gulf of Mexico, so it's usually really warm in the summer and it feels like you're taking a really big salt bath, so it's not that fun. I also like huge waves (like in Cornwall), and there are hardly any waves here. I am jealous of Kendra - she lives in such a beautiful place.

I'm from DC, and when I moved down here three years ago I tried to figure out what I could knit and then just gave up. You can't wear hats or scarves here really, but I finally figured out that I should just make sweaters. It's always cold inside with all the air conditioning, so I wear lots of sweaters. Last night at the beach my hands were going to freeze off and it was only about 45 degrees outside - not really cold at all. I think my blood has become too thin from all the heat down here.

That sweater from yesterday is going to be of my own design I guess. It's really a copy of what I saw in JCrew, and I hope it works out.
Alice - it is on small needles, they're 3mm. I'm pretty sure it's going to take forever.

gleek said...

very nice! see, i actually like the sort of beach experience you described. i like the water to be calm and warm. my husband likes it to have lots of waves :) deep down he really just wants to be a surfer dude.

cardigans are perfect for freezing offices. i need to make more of them for the summers here!

Alice said...

I suppose it is a drawback, how long it will take. But the fabric is so lovely.

kris said...

to me it looks absolutely beautiful. warm and calm - just perfect. up here it's usually freezing, stormy, and cliffy. air conditioning? barely know it...