Sunday, October 05, 2008


I started knitting again. Maybe it's the cool weather (cool meaning high 70s), or maybe it's because it's near Christmas and I've started thinking about presents. Not really sure.

Anyway, the last two years I've made a baby jacket for my school's auction and this year I started early so I could make something way better. Since I love knitting lace, I started a scarf from Victorian Lace Today. I'm using Lacey Lamb, probably the thinnest yarn I've ever used. It's bright bright blue, and I love it.

Scarf with No. 20 edging

I'm working on the melon shawl again, and hopefully will get it done before it gets too cold so my mom can actually use it this year. I think I'm near 50 of 70 repeats of the center, and then there will be edging to do - my favorite part of making lace shawls.

This morning I made an Odessa. It's still wet from blocking, so pictures will be taken tomorrow. It's for a birthday present for someone I don't know at all - hopefully she will like it. It's an easy pattern but so pretty at the end, more about that later.