Sunday, October 01, 2006

miles of stockinette

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It's a beautiful Sunday again. Most Sundays here are beautiful days. Yahoo tricked me this morning - the weather said it was 68° outside and I was all excited until I realized that it was set to Virginia, not Florida. It's 86° today, as usual. The humidity isn't so bad, so that means it must be fall.

Some sweater progress:

Cashmere Hybrid

I've got about 8 inches done so far, which is nearly halfway until I join body and sleeves. There are some decreases in there for waist shaping (that's what all the stitch markers are about). I've tried it on a few times so far and it seems to fit pretty well. EZ doesn't really give shaping instructions, so I made something up. I measured myself to find out where to start decreasing (my current favorite sweater doesn't have any waist shaping, so I didn't have anything to compare to), and it's working well so far. It's very stretchy, too!

This one is much nicer than the first sweater I made in the round. About five years ago I made a raglan sweater and it ended up quite stiff and very uncomfortable. I never wore it for more than fifteen minutes. It's in England somewhere, maybe in a landfill by now, I'm not really sure. I only have one picture of it and it's a really crappy webcam picture, so I won't put it up here.

I finished the knee-sock and really didn't like it at all. So I took the second skein and tried something out.

Jaywalker 2
Jaywalker 2

The colors are gorgeous and the way the stripes are coming out are really lovely. I like this much better than the stockinette tiger stripes. The two pictures are the two different sides. The purple runs throughout and the green and rust sort of pool on the different sides. The Jaywalker pattern is a really nice showcase for this colorway. It's been quite neglected since the red sweater started, though. I'll get these done someday.