Tuesday, October 03, 2006

wander the halls

Cashmere Hybrid

13 inches - need three more and then I can start the arms. This is turning out to be a 34-inch sweater instead of 36 inches, with a 29-inch waist. It fit me quite well after dinner tonight, so I'm doing alright, but it probably won't look good with too many layers underneath. It looks extra fuzzy in the dark blurry photo (it's a light cashmere halo, ahh softness).

I went out for sushi tonight for the second time in the last few days. I have always thought that I didn't like it, but recently found out that it's pretty good. I can eat a lot of it and it doesn't make me tired at all. Most other food makes me very sleepy unless I only eat salad or fruit. Anyway, I have some new friends who are sushi chefs.

I think one of the only things I really like about Florida are the skies. They are always beautiful, especially the sunsets. This was the sky when I got home tonight:

Clearwater Sunset