Tuesday, September 12, 2006

flying in airplanes

There has been little knitting action around here for the last few weeks. It all feels very stale (which means it's time for something new, anything).

The sock is growing, with a new heel which I like much better.

Picture 77238

Just a backwards heel flap heel. I sort of made up the short row heel turn numbers, but it worked out fine. The calf shaping worked out well, too, except I decreased about two inches too early, so I have to rip a few inches out and re-do it. The idea worked out fine though. I increased every few rows and then every other row and every row for a few and then every other row for a few more. When it seemed to be wide enough, I knit straight for awhile (though not long enough) and then started decreasing every other row, like you would for a gusset. I sort of wish I was using the magic loop method for this sock, though. Every time I want to try it on I have to transfer it to a circular needle and it's a bit of a pain. The size 1 Lantern Moons are 2.25 mm and the size 1 addis are 2.5, so it's too late to switch. When I do the ribbing at the top I will use size 0 addis. I always like dpns better, but next time I make toe-up knee socks I will definitely use magic loop.

This weekend I went home to visit my family. I got to see one of my oldest friends who has been away for years. He went to school in Oregon and then lived in LA for awhile, but now he's back home for a bit. It was great to see him again - we've always been really good friends.

I played pool with my brother and I beat him! That is amazing because he is killer at pool.

I am kind of sad that the Skins lost their first game of the season, but it was cool to see that Tom Cruise and Katie were at the game. Next week they play the Cowboys. Normally I would hope they beat the Cowboys (there is a huge rivalry), but though I feel like a traitor, I hope they lose. My boss is going to the game in Dallas with his brother and they are HUGE Cowboys fans and absolutely hate the Redskins, so I want the Cowboys to win so their trip is fun. We'll see what happens. I will be watching the game at a friend's condo upstairs in HD on the big screen. :)

At the office there is always talk about football. Always. I am not a very big football fan, but I decided that this year I am going to at least pay attention to what happens with the Skins.

Picture 77236
One of my random pictures from home. That is one of the statues on the DC side of the Memorial Bridge. I've always had a fascination with those statues. This picture makes me want to go back (I haven't even been gone a day). It was cool outside and it wasn't humid and I needed a sweater. I miss seeing my family everyday, too. I am too old for this homesick stuff.