Monday, September 25, 2006

his name is colin

The new baby was born on Wednesday! He was 6lbs 7oz and very tiny indeed. His sweater won't fit him for awhile, I'm sure. He is super cute, and his mommy has really taken to him. It is her first baby and a year ago she was sure she wouldn't be having any babies for a long time. She told me tonight that she already can't imagine not being a mommy.

They asked me to be his godmother! I am so excited about it - it is such an honor. Just having that job has made me feel much more attached to him - it's really neat. I love holding him, he's so aware and alive, but he's this little 7lb person. AH! I can't wait to help teach him to walk and read and drive a car (I'll be so old by then).

I have decided to make a baby blanket for him, and I have to somehow incorporate the
Steelers logo (baby's mommy is a HUGE fan):


I have seen a baby blanket pattern that had star shapes similar to those in the pattern, so I'll probably do something like it. Of course I can't remember who's site I saw them on, but I think it was in one of the popular baby books. He's got plenty of blankets and toys for now, so I'll probably make this for Christmas.

The red sweater was started Sunday, but somehow my gauge was way off and it turned into a 44-inch sweater - way too big. So I re-measured and took it from 248 sts down to 200. This should technically produce a 36-inch sweater, so we'll see. In the sample stitch counts Elizabeth Zimmerman uses for the hybrid sweater, she uses 200 stitches, so it must be kismet.

I'll get some pictures taken after I have more than 1 1/2 rows done. :-)