Thursday, September 21, 2006

flying in airplanes part 2

I went back to Virginia last weekend and just got back to Florida today. What a crazy couple of weeks!

I'm going in a different direction altogether with the socks - when I get some sunshine I'll put a picture up. The picture explains it all.

I joined
Zimmermania! It's madness. I was going to make a seamless hybrid out of my denim blue yorkshire felted tweed (which was originally intended for Salina, but nevermind for now). I was really looking forward to using it up since it has been sitting around here since February. I went into Knit Happens on Sunday to find a contrasting yarn to use for the hems, and some stripes. There is a pretty gold color sprinkled around in that denim yarn, and I thought that color would complement the blue nicely. They didn't have anything in the whole store that looked good with the denim yarn, except for some silk, but that wasn't going to work. Then I found the red cashmere. It looked so nice next to the denim felted tweed.

Then I thought about a whole sweater in red cashmere. Real gorgeous red. Then she tells me it's 40% off. I thought about it for about 20 minutes while the two sales ladies looked through two different pattern books with me.


Red Cashmere

This picture was the closest I could get to the right color. 1800 yards of yumminess.

So, now a seamless hybrid in red cashmere, but with waist shaping of course. I have been sorting out the measurements and shaping, so hopefully it will work out well. I have left over cream colored cashmere to use for the inside of the hems. I think it will be nice.


Picture 77241


Mmmm, Virginia food. I have yet to find decent lox in Florida and I can't find babka anywhere. It was damn good food this week, that's for sure.