Friday, January 01, 2010


In 2009, I:

Learned how to make:
Split Pea Soup
A good version of Butter Chicken
No-knead Bread
Homemade Lattes

Started loving Mushrooms!
Had The Best Meal Ever
Had Pork Fried Rice in Chinatown
Learned how to eat for less than $60 a week and stopped spending $150 a week on food
Stopped eating meat every day

Finally finished the melon shawl
Made a penguin with a hockey jersey that I failed to take pictures of
Finished the Black Bear

Watched a Devils game in Jersey!
Saw the Redskins lose to the 'boys

Wandered around Chinatown (NYC) in the snow early in the morning

Saw Amanda Fing Palmer (OMGZ!!)
Saw Bon Iver (lovely)
Saw Animal Collective (boring)
Saw Grizzly Bear (YAY!)

Saw Seinfeld live!!!!!!!!!!!! and laughed for 2 hours straight

Started listening to vinyl and started a vinyl collection
Changed my facebook profile picture twice
Got one hair cut
Experienced snow twice!
Parked over the line at Starbucks
Only went to NYC once
Finally painted my bedroom and bathroom
Decided to fix up my closet and then gave up after realizing needed space for 40+ shoes
Got stuck in Secaucus for 2 hours
Drank too many homemade cosmos one night

Hated the President more than I've ever hated a President before

Worked too much

Became addicted to CSI:NY
Became really addicted to Gossip Girl

Got a Blackberry and nearly figured out how to use it
Bought flowers for the house less than 5 times all year
Quit my PG Tips addiction
Started using cheapass mousse instead of fancy expensive gel
Bought some real plates!
Learned how to make pretty paper snowflakes

Made toffee at Christmas, but no truffles

Met a few new Good Friends
Lost a few Good Friends

Stood out in the rain with my best friend's best friends one lovely afternoon

Decided to go to England next year for Christmas (we'll see if that really happens)
Decided not to make any resolutions

Didn't eat sugar for two months
Squatted 195
Benched 35s
Put my gym membership on hold
Lost and gained and lost and gained the same 8lbs

Had Thanksgiving without my family

Did not get a sinus infection
Had my atlas adjusted and stopped having so many killer headaches

Drank Bailey's on Christmas Eve... as you do
Had a short fight with mom on Christmas day... as you do
Hated vacation

Took off one day of work all year, to stand around in the rain with my best friend's best friends

Went to the movies only a few times
Took some pictures, but not enough

Got to talk to a far away friend on the phone, twice!

Saw Luke more often than I've seen him since we were in school together over 10 years ago
Was not a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding... because it hasn't happened yet!

Barely listened to Radiohead
Actually made a top albums list for 2009
Had a tea party for my birthday
Had no dinner parties

Drove 100 mph over the Howard Frankland
Was quite close to a Very Famous Person and a Pretty Famous Person
Finally bought a pair of Campers
Spent very little on clothes

Did not read any books

Stopped wearing heels to work
Found out that Wild Turkey goes well with eggnog, but Captain Morgan goes even better
Saw an old old friend

Went line dancing a few times, but not many

What a boring year!