Monday, May 22, 2006

one down

I kicked this sock's ass.


It went a lot faster than I expected. I finished it while watching Munich. My boyfriend, Mathieu Kassovitz (alright, he's not really my boyfriend) was in it, so I had to watch it. I wanted to watch it anyway, but that made it more pleasant, since the film isn't very cheery.

I still have another sock to make, but the pattern is so easy to remember that I think it will go faster. I like this pattern a lot - it's interesting to knit, and I don't have to stare at the chart the whole time. I'm really glad I picked out this yarn to make these socks, it's perfect. The sock does seem a little droopy, I don't know if it's the pattern, or just me.

The only thing I changed in the pattern is I finished the toe with 24 stitches left instead of 12. I don't really like pointy toe socks and it was the right length at that time, so I just stopped knitting. I also only knit two repeats of the pattern on the leg instead of three. I have short legs and it would have looked too stupid if it was longer.