Sunday, May 21, 2006

the green hat

This was the first and best ear flap hat.

Jake's Hat

Jake found the pattern for a Chullo hat on the internet before there were actually patterns on the internet. The website is gone now, but it was a simple top down in the round pattern. The original pattern had squared off ear flaps, but we liked it better with pointy ends. I made this in 2000. I think I made it and then re-knit the bottom of it to fit better. We found some hand dyed wool something on sale and it turned out to be perfect for this hat. I wish I had the band for the yarn because I would love to find more of it. It was nice and soft and easy to knit with and the subtle variation of the colors is really cool. Also, he has wanted a new one for awhile now. I have made three different ear flap hats since this one and none have been as good. This one is getting old, but you can't really tell too much from the pictures.

Check out that eyebrow!

Jake's Hat