Monday, May 08, 2006


Here is the Dale baby sweater; well the bottom half of it anyway.

Dale Baby Sweater

It is Dale Baby Ull, and the color is really more navy. My camera is getting old and can't see very well anymore. You can see my silly buttonhole. The next one up is more invisible because I actually followed some directions on how to do it. I am going to just stitch a bit around the bottom one to make it look better. It's pretty strange, but I have been knitting since I was 10 and that was the first buttonhole I ever made.

I am knitting this for my friends who just got married. They are going to have a boy in September and he'll need a nice warm sweater to wear inside all of the air conditioned places down here. I think I wear more sweaters down here in Florida than I did when I lived in Virginia.

I tried some continental knitting on the stockinette part of this, which is why it is uneven. I learned how to do that a long time ago, but I never got very good at it. I can knit continental style but definitely can't purl. I guess it comes better with practice. When I start Salina I will have lots of stockinette to practice on.