Wednesday, January 26, 2011



This is going to become a blog about random crap. Because today I used new gel in my hair and I wanted to tell the internets about it, but I have nowhere to do that. So yeah.

It's Aubrey Organics B5 Design Gel. Trying to quit the silicone mousse! I liked what the B5 did to my hair today, but it always takes a few tries to really see if it works. I have fine wavy hair that gets huge when it's humid and is always kind of fuzzy. I've been trying to get off the sulfate/silicone dwindling spiral for awhile now, but haven't found a good replacement for that mousse.

Still haven't figured out how to stop washing my hair. I figure I have to stop putting silicone in it before I can stop putting soap in it. I've been reading No More Dirty Looks for inspiration. It has made me want to go to the next level of getting chemicals out of my life. Except I recently started wearing nail polish.