Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2:16 am

Well, I can't sleep, so I took some more pictures of the growing blob. I'm on row 77 of 130, so maybe it will end up being big enough. Still not sure. It's also getting a little tight on my double points, but the #2 Addi is 3mm and these #2 Lantern Moons are 2.75mm. Just gotta be careful, I guess. Speaking of being careful, I broke another needle last weekend. Luckily I remembered that Lantern Moon sent me two spare #2s by accident, so there was no waiting for new needles to be sent. This is the third Lantern Moon I've broken, but I still love them.


I keep finding other patterns in this book that I want to make, but since they are for doilies and tablecloths, it's hard to tell what size they'll end up being. I guess I could always just do another round of pattern if they turn out too small.

Still have to block the melon. Even though it's gorgeous, there's something incredibly unexciting about that shawl. I hope mom loves it more than I do. Have to get it done soon, I'm going home for Halloween!

Last week I made some amazing food. First was chicken pot pie from the lovely Smitten Kitchen, though it's originally an Ina recipe. Absolutely delicious and I'm sure the massive amount of butter has something to do with that. Then I made butter chicken from this random recipe off the Food Network site that I picked because it had a 5-star rating. I used real ginger and garlic and added some cilantro. I gave it a 7.6 the first night but the rating went up to an 8.5 after a rest in the fridge overnight. So sad it's all gone.

It would be cool if I could fall asleep now. Oy vey.