Monday, November 17, 2008

scarf with no. 20 edging


It's finished!!

Scarf with No. 20 Edging
Victorian Lace today
Lacey Lamb in super brightest blue ever made
Size 3 needles

Started October 4(?), 2008
Finished November 17, 2008

This scarf traveled from Florida to Virginia, back to Florida, then to New York, back to Florida and now is on its way back to Virginia. Of course, hardly any progress was made on those trips, but I still like keeping track of where my knitting has gone.

I made this for my school's auction. The last two years I've made the same baby outfit for this because that baby outfit is really fast, and I never remember until the last minute. This time I remembered, but it still ended up being done at the last minute.

The strangest thing was trying to figure out a value for this. How do you value hand knits? The yarn is worth about $15, but the time...

blue scarf with no. 20 edging

blue scarf

blue scarf

jen c said...

that's absolutely beautiful! love the bright blue. to price it? handknits always seem "priceless" to me, cheesy yes, true!